Monday, March 28, 2011

Here is Logos Bookstore

Logos Bookstore on York Ave and 84th St carries You Are Here

Dorothy Parker (a true Westsider) complained that her apartment on First Avenue in Manhattan “was far enough east you can plant tea.”

I am of that same ilk who regard traveling beyond 6th Avenue as quite a chore. It involves much planning—plotting out bus routes, packing a lunch and finding someone to look after your cat.

But once you’re the there, the Eastside has something we sadly no longer have on the Westside—oodles of small businesses. 

A perfect example is Logos Bookstore, owned by Harris Healy—a man who looks like his name, with a slightly askew bowtie.

Logos is about the size of my apartment. It’s cozy. There’re ladders to get to the higher shelves and a small, but amazing selection of books. And there are no mass markets—except Penguin Classics. 

It's a great bookstore for browsing. “This looks interesting.” “Oh, I read that but loaned my copy to Steven and he never gave it back.” “Aunt Lois would love this.” You'll find books you forgot about and ones you didn't realize were in existence.

Logos makes me think how wonderful it’d be to live on the Eastside. I could go to there every week. I could start reading all those classics that would make me a better writer. I could join their 'Kill Your TV Reading Group.'

But then I realize I could never live on the Eastside. I have no desire to plant tea.


  1. I saw you wearing a Mao T-Shirt commandeering a tour bus on 5th Avenue across from Met. I was buying books at the Strand stand.
    A kid handed me a book mark, but my phone is too low-tech to scan the code.
    Do you do that sort of thing often?
    It was pretty coo.

  2. Would love to do another reading. If I can get 700 more people to buy my book, I'll do it.