Monday, March 28, 2011

Here is Logos Bookstore

Logos Bookstore on York Ave and 84th St carries You Are Here

Dorothy Parker (a true Westsider) complained that her apartment on First Avenue in Manhattan “was far enough east you can plant tea.”

I am of that same ilk who regard traveling beyond 6th Avenue as quite a chore. It involves much planning—plotting out bus routes, packing a lunch and finding someone to look after your cat.

But once you’re the there, the Eastside has something we sadly no longer have on the Westside—oodles of small businesses. 

A perfect example is Logos Bookstore, owned by Harris Healy—a man who looks like his name, with a slightly askew bowtie.

Logos is about the size of my apartment. It’s cozy. There’re ladders to get to the higher shelves and a small, but amazing selection of books. And there are no mass markets—except Penguin Classics. 

It's a great bookstore for browsing. “This looks interesting.” “Oh, I read that but loaned my copy to Steven and he never gave it back.” “Aunt Lois would love this.” You'll find books you forgot about and ones you didn't realize were in existence.

Logos makes me think how wonderful it’d be to live on the Eastside. I could go to there every week. I could start reading all those classics that would make me a better writer. I could join their 'Kill Your TV Reading Group.'

But then I realize I could never live on the Eastside. I have no desire to plant tea.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

You Are Here Reading/Riding Double Decker Tour Bus

You Could Be Here on April 9th

To celebrate the release of You Are Here, I will give a free reading of short stories on top of a double-decker tour bus on Saturday, April 9th, 2011.

If you've never ridden a double-decker bus in New York (and how many New Yorkers have?), you'll be awe-struck by the pigeon-eye views. You'll feel almost god-like looking down at the city.

Combine that with hearing short stories set in New York and you've got yourself a perfect afternoon.

Bus departs: 1PM from the northwest corner of 7th Avenue and 34th Street. (Copies of You Are Here are available at Penn Books in Penn Station).

1st Stop: Logos Bookstore (York Avenue and 84th Street) at approximately 2PM for a quick signing and to pick up additional passengers.

Reading/tour ends: 3PM outside Perdition on 10th Avenue and 48th Street where $6 You Are Here cocktails will be served.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Here is Penn Books

Penn Books will be carrying You Are Here

It's located in Penn Station. There're two locations, one by New Jersey Transit and one by the LIRR. That's the one I usually go to. It's part of my ritual of going to the beach—buying a book to read on the train and while lying in the sand.

The book you take to the beach is as important as the right sunscreen. And 'beach read' doesn't have to be some trashy mass-market by an author who pumps out fourteen bestsellers a year. I bought Mary Gaitskill's Bad Behavior at Penn Books as a 'beach read.' And Forever by Pete Hamill. Things You Should Know by A.M. Homes. Colum McCann's Let The Great World Spin.

Penn Books has a small, but thoughtful selection of books. That's why it's easy to find something worth reading. You don't have to weed through shelf-after-shelf of trash. And the staff is knowledgeable without being pretentious.   

One of my characters in You Are Here—Alex is a clerk in Penn Books. He describes it as "a world of rushing and waiting." He met his wife, Zoë there when she bought Amanda Davis' Circling the Drain to take out to Montauk.

Zoë likes good fiction—especially short stories. I think she'd by a copy of You Are Here the next time she went out to Long Island.