Thursday, November 18, 2010

'Here' is DUMBO

Sent via BlackBerry by Sean Kershaw

"York & Jay St. DUMBO Brooklyn"

FYI: Sean Kershaw refers to Manhattan as the tiny island off the ‘mainland.’ HHW

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Here is Between Heaven and Hell's Kitchen

I like that we consider Brooklyn Lager an import in Manhattan.

‘Here’ is the bottom of my pint glass in my other ‘office,’ Perdition  on 10th Avenue.

I love Perdition. Almost all the first drafts of the stories in You Are Here were written in my Moleskin while sitting at the bar. They have free wi-fi here, so I can get other work done as well.

Sean makes a mean Bloody Mary. Scotty is just plain mean (in a very good way). Dylan is quick with the snarky comments (and actually times how long it takes you to finish a drink). Jess has a great laugh and hair to dye for (pun intended).

You never know when the Dead Kennedys or Tom Jones will come on the iPod shuffle or when you’ll suddenly be having a fascinating conversation about  Conan O'Brien or the creepy murals at the Denver Airport.

Not Quite in the Gutter

I found this when I was getting off the tour bus on 8th Avenue and 48th Street the other day. I’d done it in 2008, but forgot about it. I’m on that block all the time—it’s where our uptown tours leave from—but I’m never here by this one spot.

I’m glad I found it. It looks better now than when it was first done. It has a healthy patina of NYC schmutz. And the pigeon poop is a nice touch. As is the black polka dot of gum.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Heather Holland Wheaton's laptop. No, it's not a Mac

‘Here’ is my laptop that contains pretty much my whole life—writing, music, photos. It’s in my home office—which is really just a wider part of my hallway. I like my office though. It doesn’t need to be any larger. The window looks out onto an airshaft.

In the summer, I can hear everything that goes on in my neighbors’ apartments. One of my neighbors has a Zippo lighter. I can hear him flick it, light his cigarette and then cough up a lung.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Reading

I’m be reading from You Are Here at the fabulous KGB Bar on Saturday, November 13th. It’s part of the Trumpet Fiction Series from Kristine Tenace and Sally Koslow will also be reading.
It’s free, but I’m sure you’ll be tempted to have a cocktail.
Copies of Eight Million Stories and Wet Paint will be available AND I’ll have fun, free You Are Here stickers to kick off the big Where is ‘Here’? Sticker Project.

85 East 4th St. between Bowery and 2nd Avenue
Saturday, November 13th 7PM