Thursday, October 7, 2010


I went to the top of the Empire State Building yesterday. Like most New Yorkers, I’d never been before.

It was fun, but I think the Top of the Rock is by far superior—you can see all of Central Park. And the observation decks at the Empire are very small and you’re cramped in with all these rude tourists. The tourists that go to the Top of the Rock are a better class of people.  

The best part of my experience was I could see my apartment building. I can’t see that from the Top of the Rock because Worldwide Plaza is in the way. I like the idea that the 3.5 million people who visit the Empire each year get the opportunity to see it as well. I doubt that any of them actually see it since it’s just a tiny little tenement and hard to spot unless you know exactly where to look—and why would any of them bother to do that?

Still, it’s a nice thought.

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